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Thank you for doing what you do!

Both of your books had a tremendous impact and came in important phases of my career.

Relatable, emotional, phenomenal!

Enjoyed this book so much! After losing a parent myself- i felt really connected to this book!


Beautiful Written Perfectly Read

I’m a CMA, so all though I’m not a nurse in the title sense, but in the nursing field none the less. This book still resonates so well! I absolutely loved it and have recommended it to ALL of my nursing field friends!


Loved it!

Accurate description of what it is to be. a new grad nurse! Will definitely recommend to all new nurses I know.


best true to life story!

I loved this book! She does such an amazing job of capturing the emotions and experiences of our career as nurses! Even though I am not a baby nurse, it made me appreciate my profession all over again. I love nursing and it truly is a calling! Thanks Sonja for putting your heart into your career and sharing your journey with all of us for inspiration and encouragement!


Breath of fresh air

As a new nurse about to start my very first nursing job in a PCU unit, this book was just what I needed to hear. It reminded me why I love nursing, what to expect and what I will encounter, be it good or bad. It was very raw and very real. Loved it <3


Absolutely Amazing

I have followed Sonja for years as I am also an ICU nurse. This book brought me to tears multiple times. Thank you for sharing your pain with us Sonja. You are a wonderful writer and I can't wait for your next piece of work.

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