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Encouraging growth outside your role

I’ve spoken professionally at the Nursing Link conference in Atlanta, Georgia with other nurse influencers, as well as at university events.


Most recently, I was I was invited as the guest speaker for the Boston Area nurse anesthesia program students in November of 2021, and was invited to conduct a Q&A for nurse practitioners seeking entrepreneurial advice in February 2022.

About Sonja

After over a decade in the healthcare industry, it’s important for me to create a space that stretches beyond the walls of a hospital.


Through enduring a number of life experiences that challenged me and inspired my growth, I want to provide a source of information and expertise…but also, one of respite and recalibration. It’s time to focus less on our work, and more on our wellness.

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An absolute must read for all new nurses!!!!!

Hands down one of the most entertaining and enlightening books I've read in quite some time!!!

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