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About Sonja

After over a decade in the healthcare industry, it’s important for me to create a space that stretches beyond the walls of a hospital.


Through enduring a number of life experiences that challenged me and inspired my growth, I want to provide a source of information and expertise…but also, one of respite and recalibration. It’s time to focus less on our work, and more on our wellness.

My Passion

Life Focused on Joy

Those of us who work in healthcare are tasked with wearing many hats every day. It has become my personal mission to ensure that others learn from my own experiences, and create a life focused on personal joy, intrinsic motivation, and healthy boundaries.


While I still write about healthcare, I have branched out of my comfort zone and started to create based on what drives me outside of the arena of healthcare. And while I will always be a nurse – regardless of my credentials or letters that follow my name – I am also so much more than my role. I’m here to remind you that you are, too!

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What I LOVE About What I Do...

I love being able to provide high-quality, evidence based care in my anesthesia practice, and shifting gears to creative, inspired pursuits outside of work. I love that I can work in a capacity where finding new methods of disconnecting from my job can yield amazing new ventures. The fact that I can remain clinical while being entrepreneurial outside of the walls of a hospital provides a sense of balance and purpose that allows me to serve others and serve myself.

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